paper mache pottery

Paper mache pottery -finishing touches

The pottery students recently painted their projects.

This was the last session, and there was much to be accomplished!

Finding a color, design or pattern to add to their creation was the priority for this last session.

That did not mean that fun was not a part of the session.

Focus and concentration on creating the desired look of the pottery required many creative skills.

This project required the ability to visualize the end result.

It also required some hard work.

The students put a lot time and attention in their final push to complete their paper mache pottery.

Then it required some much needed drying time.

But with all good things waiting is required…for drying.

The students have much to be proud of as they have a great memory and a wonderful piece of pottery that represents their vision and exploration into 3D building techniques.

Maybe you now will be inspired to create a piece of paper mache pottery or sign up for a future class at the Art Junction!

Paper mache pottery -week 1

We began our new class creating paper mache pottery this past week.

Participants learned about basic paper folding methods as well as various methods of building pottery.

Materials are very simple to begin with: newspaper and masking tape.

Learning how to create a coil out of paper is very similar to creating a coil out of clay….only with a different medium.

The next step is to learn how to roll up the coil to create the base of the pot.

Just like regular pottery, paper mache pottery is a very hands-on project.

Coiling is a method of creating pottery.  This method has been used in a variety of ways. Using the coiling technique, it is possible to build thicker or taller walled vessels, which may not have been possible using earlier methods. The technique permits control of the walls as they are built up and allows building on top of the walls to make the vessel look bigger and bulge outward or narrow inward with less danger of collapsing.

Next week we will begin the process of building the pottery after creating many coils.