Exhibition Application

Applying for an Exhibition at the Art Junction

In order to apply for an exhibit at the Art Junction you need to provide three things: a curriculum vitae, an artist statement and an exhibition proposal. *Artists may request a portfolio review and personal interview that will address the application questions by contacting the Art Junction at 419-935-3404 or by email at theartjunction@yahoo.com

1. Curriculum vitae

The format of your CV should be functional and concise.  List items with most recent activity first.

Example only – omit headings that do not apply to your art practice

Curriculum Vitae

Casey Jones

123 Smith Road

Willard, Ohio 44890

Phone: 555-123-4567

Cell Phone: 555-123-4567

Email: caseyjones@yahoo.com

 Website: http://www.caseyjonesart.com

Born 1965, New Haven, Ohio

Career Highlights

                                    2006 Artists in Residence, Red Gate Residency Program, Bei Gao, Beijing, Peoples Republic of


Solo Exhibitions

                                    2002 Ripple – MOCA Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio

Selected Group Exhibitions

                                    2006 Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award, Grafton Regional Art Gallery, Youngstown, Ohio


                                    2006 Shoot, F Space, Los Angles, California


                                    2005 Barcelona Studio Residency, Skills and Development Grant, Ohio Arts Council


                                    2009 Royal Botanical Gardens of Sydney, The residency research will culminate in a solo

                                     exhibition, titled Ascendant and Descendant, at the Red Box Gallery in early 2009. It will visually

                                    explore images of endangered plant species and their seeds, and it aligns with a joint initiative

                                    between the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney and the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, London,

                                    as part of the Millennium Seedbank Project

Professional Memberships

                                    The Ohio Arts Council

                                    Artworker’s Alliance

                                    Borderline Regional Arts Association

Boards and Committees

                                    2006-2007 Midwest Arts Council on the Visual Arts Board.

                                    2003 Water feature design/commission for Columbus, Ohio.

                                    Yarra’s Edge, Docklands Urban Art Commission, Middletown, Ohio.


                                    2005 Art in America, Casey Jones, 50 of The United States most collectable artists,

                                    Art in America, Issue 31


                                    Flinders University

                                    LaTrobe Valley Arts Centre

                                    Naracoorte Regional Gallery

                                    Riddock Art Gallery

                                    Robert Holmes á Court Collection


                                    MFA, The School of Art Institute of Chicago, 2000

                                    BFA, The Ohio State University, 1992

2. Artist’s Statement

 The purpose of an artist statement is to provide an explanation of what interests you and influences your work, what you do and how you do it, and what you would like to achieve.  An artist’s statement (or artist statement) is a brief text composed by you as the artist and intended to explain, justify, and contextualize your body of work.  Artists often have a short (50-1000 words) version of the same statement, and they may maintain and revise these statements throughout their careers.

 Your artist statement should clarify the what, how, and why you do what you do, from your perspective.  This means that an artist statement is personal, as personal as your art.  It is also honest, in the very same way that your art reflects a true expression of your being.  Because an artist statement speaks to the relationship between you and your work, it needs to be as authentic as your work.

 Here are some tips to help.

  • Tell why you create your art and what it means to you.

  • Appeal to the emotions.  Convey feeling about your art.

  • Avoid complex explanations, obscure references, and “artspeak”

  • Try not to categorize your work or compare yourself to others.

  • Use language that everyone can understand.

The following are several examples of short artist’s statements.


3. Exhibition Proposal

 The exhibition proposal is the most important part of your application because it provides the Art Junction with information needed to plan a program for the gallery that is balanced, diverse and inclusive.  It should consist of a written section that explains the formal and conceptual ideas for your exhibition and 12 images to compliment your written section.  Your images should show the range and depth of your art you wish to exhibit.

Suggested topics to address in your written statement.

  • Describe the appearance and theme of your exhibition.  How is it original?  What themes does it explore? What will compel the gallery visitor to want to view or buy your work?  How does your work relate to the local community of the Art Junction?

  • When is it available?  Provide suggested exhibition dates, with an indication of any dates that are not possible due to conflicts or prior commitments.  Because of the limited number of exhibition slots and the large number of applicants, the more flexible your proposal dates are, the more likely your exhibition proposal will be considered in a timely fashion.  Will you be available to be at the gallery opening?  Will you be available to be at the gallery at other times during the run of your exhibition?

  • Why are you applying? (e.g., is your proposal a good fit with the Art Junction’s mission statement and audience?) And why do you think it’s a good fit?

  • How will you mount the exhibit?  The Art Junction needs to know roughly what materials you will be using and what the exhibition will look like. Art Junction will also need to know about any possible Workplace Health and Safety problems, or logistical difficulties you may be aware of.

  • Can you offer educational elements to compliment the exhibit, and are you available for workshops, classes, or lectures/gallery talks?  Having a strong community outreach component to your proposal will make it more attractive to the Art Junction as they select and assess your application as it relates to the gallery’s aims, objectives and mission.

  • If the proposal is for an installation or piece not yet constructed, please include examples of prior work, with a detailed diagram or description of your proposed idea.

  • Indicate if you are applying for a solo exhibition or if you are open to exhibiting with other artists.  If the proposal is for a group or multi-artist show please have all participating artists submit an application. The Art Junction routinely curates exhibitions with multiple artists who have submitted proposals independently.

Information about images

Submit 12 images in one of the following formats:

  • Digital images on CD in jpeg file format (size approximately 4×5” to 8×10” at 72dpi).

  • DVD

  • Website address (only if appropriate or important to the proposal)

  • A set of 12 printed images (no larger than 8×10”).

  • Original artwork, sketched and/or Art Junction visits will be considered if a request is made in advance.

Here is an example of a written exhibition proposal


Exhibition Proposal

Black & White in a Graying Ohio

This exhibition of digital black and white photographs explores the past history of North Central Ohio through examination of older buildings that are abandoned, neglected and their histories forgotten.

There are 20-16×20” images, 10-11×14” images, 5-18×24” images, 2-20x 30” images and 5- 8×10” images.

The photographs cover a 5-year time span and focus on historical settings of Huron County in North Central Ohio.

The following support material is available

*Artist’s statement

*Artist talk on Huron County & Digital Photography

*Printed photo book for sale/Exhibition Catalog

*Exhibition Cards

The exhibition needs a minimum space of two medium sized rooms.

Black & White in a Graying Ohio will be available after December 2012.

 Exhibition application checklist

Curriculum Vitae                                  ____

Artist Statement                                    ____

Written Exhibition Proposal            ____

Images                                                       ____

Mail your application to:

The Director

The Art Junction

c/o 802 S. Main St.

Willard, Ohio 44890

For a PDF or Word version of this application email The Art Junction: theartjunction@yahoo.com

*Artists may request a portfolio review and personal interview that will address the application questions by contacting the Art Junction at 419-935-3404 or by email at theartjunction@yahoo.com

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