Nicolae Holley, 18, is the new writer-in-residence at The Art Junction. He’s moved here from Biloxi, in southern Mississippi. He first learned of the Art Junction through Rachel Casto, daughter of Kevin Casto, director of the Art Junction.

Nick was participating in the One Year Adventure novel program, which is where he met Rachel, and where he first began to seriously pursue writing. Though it had always been a hobby, he hadn’t considered it a career until high school, when praise from his teachers inspired him to try it out. Now, there’s nothing else he’d want to do.

Nick’s writings tend toward the more fantastical, often set in post-apocalyptic or science-fiction universes. When he’s not writing fiction, he’ll often write down his thoughts on politics or religion, sharing them on his blog: The Bookwyrm’s Den (bookwyrmnick.wordpress.com), where he also posts short stories or ideas for stories.

Nick plans to spend his time at the Art Junction broadening the spectrum of art that it offers. Writing is an art, just as much as painting or photography, and, to that end, Nick plans to start a group for aspiring writers to get encouragement, guidance, and feedback.

When he’s not writing, Nick enjoys reading and playing video games, or discussing his books with his friends. His current focus is on ‘NaNoWriMo’, National Novel Writing Month, a program sponsored by the non-profit Office of Letters and Light, which encourages young writers to write a 50,000 word novel in one month.