symbols of the Christian faith

Painting at the Hope Center


We have resumed our painting project at the Hope Center with the students on Thursday afternoons.


There is a lot of activity taking place as we continue with our paintings based on Christian symbolism.


The members of the Hope Center are actively engaged in the creative process.


This project has challenged the students to push their perceived ideas and abilities in art.


Adding detail to the symbols seems to challenge the students as they are encouraged to look not at the whole shape but to focus on small areas as they proceed forward with this project.


Symbols of hope


Using the theme of symbols, student members of the Hope Center have embarked on a painting project based on the symbols of the Christian faith.


Students learned how to transfer the symbol onto canvas using a projected image.


Students have been learning how to add detail and texture to the background of their canvas.


After tracing their symbols with permanent marker, students have continued to add texture and layers of color to the background of their canvas.


This has been a fun process for the students at the Hope Center.


This project has encouraged the students to reflect on the symbol and it’s meaning as they add their own input into the paintings.


We are taking a break from this painting project until the holidays have passed.  The students are learning that the process of creating a painting requires patience and develops skills, thoughtfulness and understanding.