polymer based clay

Creating candy canes



The Art Junction had two candy cane-making opportunities in December.


We held a candy cane-making workshop at the North Fairfield United Methodist Church’s community night.


We also had a family art day at the Art Junction where families could come and create candy canes.


The candy canes were made out of a polymer clay that goes by the brand name of Sculpey and comes in many colors.


It is a fun material to use that is easily baked in an oven or a toaster oven.


This is a great project for kids of all ages.  It’s fun to mix colors, and it incorporates basic clay skills for everyone to learn.


Everyone had fun as we enjoyed a large attendance at both events.  Maybe you can join us next year for this annual event at the Art Junction.


Bead Day


On Saturday, November 3, the Art Junction held its first bead workshop.

Participants explored creating clay beads from Sculpey polymer clay.

Exploring was the name of the day as everyone discovered colors and mixing techniques as well as different types of beads to create.

For most of the participants this was a first experience with creating clay beads; everyone learned new techniques and everyone was surprised by how quickly two hours passed for the workshop.

Here are some examples of the beads created on Bead Day.