jim dine



Students in the Wednesday afternoon art class learned about the artist Jim Dine and his series on hearts.


Students began their own heart image and the first step was to divide the paper into quarters and create four heart drawings.


Students began to repeat the heart shape with various colors of watercolor paints.


Jim Dine loves things. Influenced as a young artist in the 1960s by pop art, he turns objects and images, like hearts, from our everyday lives into the subjects of his work.


Students continued to build up more layers of color around their hearts.


For Jim Dine the hearts function as a “sign that one can care, that there is a constant presence of feeling.”

Four Hearts 1969 by Jim Dine born 1935

The heart is also significant in the larger context of Dine’s work—he has returned to this image time and time again throughout his career, using it as a space on which to project his thoughts and emotions.


The final step was to outline the hearts with various color of marker to high light the heart shape.


It was interesting to see the many layers of color.


Everyone enjoyed the process of creating and learning to add color with this project.  Painting is fun!