jackson pollock

Expressive painting -week 5


Fifth week of our expressive painting class had lots of energy!


Everyone was busy with their creative ideas and explorations.


The creative process engages the whole person in a pursuit of discovery.


Jackson Pollock expressed that “painting is self-discovery and every good artist paints what he is.”  The participants in our class are truly exploring who they are in their paintings.  That’s a lot of fun to watch and experience.

Art Camp Jr.

We had our first Jr. Art Camp this year.  It was small in numbers but huge in fun!

Campers had the opportunity to create some yard art with shapes, patterns and paint.

The yard art takes on a whole new look from above and through a window screen.

Splatter painting in the manner of Jackson Pollock was explored on day 1.

Printing with hands was lots of fun as well.

Crayon making was also part of the creative experience.

It was fun to discover many new ways to create using everyday objects.

Exploring print making by using your hand with various colors was lots of fun.

Everyone became immersed in the creative experience.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. -Pablo Picasso
Art Camp Jr. was a huge amount of creative fun!  I hope you can join us for a future class or workshop at the Art Junction.