A walk in the park

For our last digital photography class the group took a walk in the Willard Park to explore the many wonders to a photographer’s eye.

Part of the skill of a photographer is to turn an ordinary scene into an interesting image.

Everyone has their own vision of the everyday landscape that surrounds them.  It’s the photographer’s job to find the beauty in the ordinary.

Sometimes beauty is discovered through a gray scale of a black and white image.

One of the joys of this class was the fun of discovery, finding something new through the lens of a camera and learning how to compose a compelling image.  Maybe you can join us for a class in the future.

Art Camp Jr.

We had our first Jr. Art Camp this year.  It was small in numbers but huge in fun!

Campers had the opportunity to create some yard art with shapes, patterns and paint.

The yard art takes on a whole new look from above and through a window screen.

Splatter painting in the manner of Jackson Pollock was explored on day 1.

Printing with hands was lots of fun as well.

Crayon making was also part of the creative experience.

It was fun to discover many new ways to create using everyday objects.

Exploring print making by using your hand with various colors was lots of fun.

Everyone became immersed in the creative experience.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. -Pablo Picasso
Art Camp Jr. was a huge amount of creative fun!  I hope you can join us for a future class or workshop at the Art Junction.

The final day of Art Camp

The last day of Art Camp involved the many-step process of creating tie-dye t-shirts.

After soaking their shirts in soda ash solution campers next decided upon the design they wished to tie their shirts into before adding dye.

There were many designs to choose from in which to tie  shirts in preparation for the dying process.

The step everyone was “dyeing” for was choosing the colors and patterns to apply to their shirt.

Everyone chose their own pattern and set of colors in which to apply the dye as they completed their shirts, and then they had to let them sit in sealed bags for at least 24 hours before rinsing, washing and drying.

Campers also added finishing touches to their bug sculptures with tempera paint.

Everyone enjoyed our first three-day art camp and were amazed at how quickly the time flew by as they were immersed in the creative process.

Art Camp -Day 1

Art Camp began today at the Art Junction.

The campers created a cardboard stencil of something they were interested in turning into a chalk drawing.

Campers then learned how to add water to their chalk and incorporate using a brush to create their chalk image.

The campers learned to make chalk paintings on the sidewalk.  Everyone was amazed at how fast the time passed as they worked on their projects.

The other project we began was some yard art.

Campers used found objects to use as stencil patterns.

Adding shapes and color to the dry landscape was a new idea and lots of fun!

The Campers had fun learning and exploring new ways to be creative in day one of Art Camp at the Art Junction!

Scratch art bugs

For our last home-school art class of the spring students explored using a stencil design along with scratch art paper.

Scratch art is a unique art form using scratchboard. Scratchboard is a wooden panel coated with a layer of white clay and then sprayed with a layer of black India ink. It was developed for the professional scratch artist.

The original design is lightly scratched into the black ink surface using very delicate tools, concentrating on lights and darks until the desired effect is achieved. Each image is literally thousands of scratches allowing for precise detail and control of lines, enabling the artist to bring the piece to life. The picture can then be painted with acrylics or watercolors, etc., or left as a black and white.

Scratch art paper that we use is commercially made in many different colors and patterns, and students only need use a wooden stylus to create their etched image.

With the addition of a stencil design students have a design or pattern to use as an aid in removing the black from the paper and revealing the multiple colors underneath.

Lots of creative exploration and fun was enjoyed by everyone!