Homeschool materials sale

We are having a Home-school materials/resources/curriculum Sale!
We have completed homeschooling our kids and they have graduated from High School and we are now
selling and getting rid of our many, many boxes of materials.

We have Sonlight materials, Math-u-see, Writing Strands, Analytical Grammar, Apologia Science, and miscellaneous other reference home-school materials at great prices!

Most items are 50% off or more the regular listed price and in great condition!

If you are interested we will be having the sale
Friday June, 28 & Saturday June, 29  at The Art Junction in New Haven, Ohio
from 10 am – 1 pm
For more information call 419-935-3404

invite your homeschooling friends….we would like to see everything find a great home!

Painting at the Hope Center- part 2


Week two of painting at the Hope Center finds the kids adding text to their images.


Kids are using the theme of Hope as they add color to the stenciled letters on their canvas, learning to control paint and brush together.


There is a real community to the painting process as everyone works in one accord.


Some of the kids really enjoy the focus of this new endeavor.


Hope is a concept that the kids are exploring.  Martin Luther King stated that “everything that is done in the world is done by hope.” We seek to introduce this to the kids.


The kids artwork will be sold in the upcoming auction for the Hope Center.

Family Art Day


The Art Junction held its second Christmas Family Art day on December 1, 2012.


Everyone involved explored creating candy canes from Sculpey polymer clay.


Everyone enjoyed this hands-on activity.


After a little instruction everyone was anxious to build their own candy cane ornament.


Christmas ornaments are decorations (usually made of glass, metal, wood or ceramics) that are used to festoon a Christmas tree. Ornaments take many different forms, from a simple round ball to highly artistic designs.


Ornaments are almost always reused year after year rather than purchased annually, and family collections often contain a combination of commercially produced ornaments and decorations created by family members.


We had a great turnout of families, grandparents, grandchildren, friends and neighbors creating together.


Everyone enjoyed the process of creating together as a community.

Create an ornament….Family Art Day!

Saturday December 1, 2012

10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon

Make your own Candy Cane Christmas tree ornament out of Sculpey Clay.

In one Saturday morning make your candy cane, bake it, shine it and take it home to hang on your tree!

 Cost is $5.00 per family

(This helps to cover the cost of the materials)

*Plus a canned food donation to the Willard Food Bank!

Plus you can enjoy a free snack lunch next door at the New Haven United Methodist Church along with other fun Christmas activities!

The Art Junction is located at 2634 Prairie St. in New Haven, next to the New Haven United Methodist Church

The Art Junction is a community-based art education program designed to bring gallery space, local art exhibitions, lessons and creative opportunities to the Willard area for adults, teens and children to learn to create together a better community!

For more information call 419-935-3404 or see us on the web at

Paper flowers

The home-school art class learned how to create paper flowers.

It’s amazing what one can create with some colored tissue paper, flexi-sticks (pipe cleaners) and learning  a few new ways to fold paper.

It’s fun to learn a new skill and to explore all the variations you can come up with on a basic idea.

The kids had a lot of fun in producing their own flower creations.

Everyone joined together to create a large beautiful bouquet of handmade flowers!