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Homeschool Art Classes


Winter Home school art classes were a lot of fun for everyone involved.  Students were exposed to various types of art mediums, ideas and projects over the six winter sessions.


We had two classes: one for kindergarten through fifth grades and another from sixth grade through high school.


Students enjoyed exploring various mixed media projects that used many new art ideas and techniques.


Developing motor skills and visual perception is an important factor in elementary art as students master using scissors and glue.


Concentration and eye and hand coordination are also vital in the developmental process for many art projects.


Older students explored collage and design as they pushed their creative ideas into new directions.


New materials and mediums and new possibilities push students into new opportunities with the creative process.


A big part of our classes is to introduce many new creative possibilities to students to explore and discover on their creative journeys.


Creativity is God’s gift to us.  Using our creativity is our gift back to God. -Julia Cameron


Students had a wonderful time together learning, exploring and laughing as they discovered many exciting new ways to be creative this past winter.


Spring Home-school Art classes begin April 10, 2013.     

Classes will cover art history, visual & motor skills, principals of art & design, creative thinking, basic drawing, painting and 3D art concepts as well as integrate with basic educational concepts of math, science, language and history.

 Cost: $10.00 a student for 6 sessions Students are responsible for all their art materials!


 Cost $25 a student for 6 sessions; instructor supplies all materials!

Date: Beginning Wednesday, April 10 – May 15, 2013

3:45-4:25 pm 1st-5th grade students

4:30-5:10 pm 6th -12th grade students


Drawing Lab -Week 3


Week 3 found the participants exploring drawing and collage as they combined these two elements together.


Participants began with a small image to glue to their drawing, and they used it as a starting point for their exploration in drawing.


Beginning with a drawing prompt is a great way to start a creative investigation which can be a fun method to jump-start the drawing process.


All of the participants enjoyed this new exercise in creativity.


Maybe you can join us in a future creative expedition at the Art Junction.

Pumpkin Day


The Art Junction held its first Pumpkin Painting, Designing and Carving Day on Saturday, October 20, 2012.

Even though it was a cool, blustery day we had a great turnout, and everyone had fun exploring how to design a pumpkin.

There were many pumpkins to choose from for design choices.

Everyone enjoyed all of the possibilities available in the creative process.

There were many ways to explore decorating a pumpkin as young and old joined in the process, learning from each other.  Maybe you can join us next year!

The final day of Art Camp

The last day of Art Camp involved the many-step process of creating tie-dye t-shirts.

After soaking their shirts in soda ash solution campers next decided upon the design they wished to tie their shirts into before adding dye.

There were many designs to choose from in which to tie  shirts in preparation for the dying process.

The step everyone was “dyeing” for was choosing the colors and patterns to apply to their shirt.

Everyone chose their own pattern and set of colors in which to apply the dye as they completed their shirts, and then they had to let them sit in sealed bags for at least 24 hours before rinsing, washing and drying.

Campers also added finishing touches to their bug sculptures with tempera paint.

Everyone enjoyed our first three-day art camp and were amazed at how quickly the time flew by as they were immersed in the creative process.

Art Camp -Day 2

Campers began day 2 with working on the yard art composition.

After yesterday’s introduction to the yard art concept, today everyone really sprang into the creative process.

Campers were thoughtful in their placement of sprayed shapes in the continuing design.

Everyone participated in the ever-evolving yard art design.

A view of the work from above.

Yard art viewed from the second story window.

The second project was creating a 3-d sculptural bug.

Using cardboard, campers designed and cut out the shapes of their bug sculpture with a little aid from Artman.

After assembling their bugs the painting process begins.

Painting is always lots of fun!

Art Campers were very busy today having fun in all their creative endeavors!