Drawing Lab -Week 4


Week 4 found the drawing lab group exploring a continuous line and how to incorporate this idea into drawing various subjects.


The artist Paul Klee said that “a line drawing is like taking a dot for a walk.”  In this week’s lab we went for a walk, skipped a little and began to run.


A continuous line drawing is actually a very powerful way to create a piece that is both hard-edged and fluid, representational and abstract, rational and emotional all in one.


Known as unbroken line drawing, continuous line drawing or blind object drawing, the premise is that the pen, pencil or another easy writing instrument never leaves the paper until you are done.


To do this type of drawing you need a pencil or any writing element that offers a smooth, continuous line and a smooth, blank piece of paper. Choose something you want to draw such as a person, flower, fruit or whatever inspires you.


In the drawing lab we are trying to capture the essence of the object and the idea of movement.


The final part of this week’s exercise was to add color to the images we created.

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