Fall Home-school Art Class at The Art Junction

Home-school Art Classes at the Art Junction

Classes will cover art history, visual & motor skills, principals of art & design, creative thinking, basic drawing, painting and 3D art concepts as well as integrate with basic educational concepts of math, science, language and history.



Cost: $10.00 a student for 6 sessions Students are responsible for all their art materials!


Cost $25 a student for 6 sessions Instructor supplies all materials!

Date: Beginning Wednesday, September 26 – November 7, 2012

No Class on 10/17/12


3:50-4:30 pm 1st-5th grade students

4:30-5:10 pm 6th -12th grade students

Classes are limited to 12 students per session!

Home-school Art Class Materials


Glue or glue stick

Crayons box of 16

Colored pencils box of 10-12

Markers box of 8, 10, or 12

Eraser (magic rub) preferred

#2 pencil

Ebony design drawing pencil

Watercolor set

box or container to hold materials

drawing paper -either a sketchbook or a pack of copy paper




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