Plein Air Class

Our Painting and Drawing Outdoors class is in full swing as the participants are exploring the landscape around the Art Junction.

En plein air  is a French expression which means “in the open air”, and is particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors, which is also called peinture sur le motif (“painting on the ground”) in French.  Artists have long painted outdoors, but in the mid-19th century working in natural light became particularly important to the Barbizon school and Impressionism. The popularity of painting en plein air increased in the 1870s with the introduction of paints in tubes (resembling modern toothpaste tubes). Previously, each painter made their own paints by grinding and mixing dry pigment powders with linseed oil.

Unfortunately the high heat and humidity has driven us indoors for the painting portion of our sessions.

It has been a great experience to explore the landscape of the area we live in and interpret it through drawing and paining.

Everyone interprets the world around them in a different manner, some in a more realistic manner, while others explore the shapes, colors and lines that surround them.

The great fun of creating in community is the ability to see, learn and explore the visual world that surrounds us no matter the media or style you choose to employ.


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